1. Marketing, promoting and supporting our businesses through our directory
  2. Learn the ways entrepreneurs fund their businesses, along with providing micro-financing resources to our members
  3. Evaluate the trade-off between risk and reward for entrepreneurs
  4. Provide mentoring services to the young and old aspiring to become entrepreneurs, along with workshops to enhance their learning experience
  5. Create an environment for African American entrepreneurs to network and learn from each other, along with supporting affiliates
  6. The importance of learning about true economic empowerment in the African American communities
  7. Contract negotiation for our members
  8. Business Plans/Marketing Plans
  9. Social Media Marketing 
  10. Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs are constantly measuring the trade-off between the risk and reward of starting a new business. In their passion for succeeding, entrepreneurs often work 60-80 hours a week. Successful entrepreneurs are market driven, action-oriented, and focused on their clients’ needs. They try to make their businesses different from existing products, services, or technology, by exploiting their competitive advantage and protecting their ideas from competitors. The single most important characteristic of entrepreneurs is focused persistence.


Mission Statement

To create and nurture a team of like-minded African American entrepreneurs and supporters within our communities by establishing structure, accountability, and utilization of our personal and professional experiences to help one another grow economically, socially, and professionally while mentoring and using these life experiences to provide resources and professional education to aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Founder Profile



Leslie F. Giscombe, MBA

Founder & CEO


Over 30 years experience as a Serial Entrepreneur, and the oldest African American to ever graduate from the undergraduate College of Business at the University of Florida.  He has a BSBA in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship, along with an MBA in International Business from Florida Institute of Technology.